Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are often referred to as fissures and are usually caused by dry skin. For most people this is a nuisance and a cosmetic problem but when the fissures are deep, the skin bleeds easily and it can be very painful. The heels appear yellow or dark brown depending on the skin type and are normally accompanied by dry skin.

Symptoms include a hard growth of skin, usually on the outer edge of the heel. Patients may experience pain while walking and increased discomfort in thin soles or open back shoes.

Corns appear as white/ gray or yellow/ brown in color depending on your skin type. They are well circumscribed and may appear as large dots on the foot.

There are many causative factors the most common are tight shoes, deformed toes (hammer toes), seam or stitch inside the shoe which rubs against the toe, abnormality of gait (walking), surgery to the lower extremities and bunions.

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"Just a note to say I had been suffering for 30 years with cracked heels. It started at the age of 12 yrs. Flexitol was my last try at something new as I felt I had tried everything, my heels were far worse than your photo on the box. Anyway, I don't recognise my own feet, they are fantastic. No more pain and no more shame wearing sandals. many many thanks."


"I have very dry feet. If I do not moisturize them at least once a day (sometimes twice a day) they dry and crack. They will get very sore and walking can hurt. They have been like this for about 5 years now and I do not know why.

I have been looking for the best moisturizing cream to use. Then I tried your Flexitol Heel Balm and have been using it for 10 to 12 months now and it works great so far. It really helps a lot especially in the winter. I can walk pain free! In the summer once a day is enough and in the winter twice a day works really good.

Thanks for a great product that does what it claims."


"Hi There, I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service I received from you, my order came within three days of ordering,and I have noticed the difference after using the Flexitol heel balm only ONCE, Thanks."


"Great stuff, I am on my second tube and my heels are 100% improved. I can wear sandals now, I have never been able to do so in the past due to my cracked heels. I have tried everything and nothing worked like Flexitol. Thank you,"


"I have never written to any co. regarding a product before, but this is absolutely changing my life. I had gained quite a bit of weight and my heels were killing me. All callused and rough and even bleeding, like they had been cut open. I bought your product and the results are unbelievable in just a week. I have recommended it to several friends already. Thanks so much"

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