Athletes Foot

The term athlete's foot is a highly misleading word, as this condition does not only occur in athletes. Athlete's foot is a common name given to a fungus infection of the skin in between the toes. Podiatrists may refer to this condition as Tinea Pedis. The fungus spores that are involved are called dermatophytes. The patient will experience severe pain from the condition.

Symptoms include dry and itchy lesions. Patients often report a burning or stinging sensation. A common associated condition with athletes foot is a fungal nail infection. If athletes foot is not treated the lesion can become infected and extremely painful.

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"My name is George, I had lots of itching, burning and skin cracking between my toes. I heard about Imperial Fungus solution and used a little dab between each toe twice a week. The itchy-burnt feeling went away and my skin stopped cracking and healed up nicely. I have been using it once a week ever since and have not had any sign of athlete's foot since".


"I've never used this type of product until recently, when I came down with athlete's foot. I used Imperial Foot Solution for about a week and the fungus gradually cleared up. I no longer experience the itching, burning sensation I once did. I would definitely recommend this product."


"I had a really severe case of athlete's foot for several years. I used to get itchy burning feet and small blisters appearing all over my feet that used to ooze. I tried everything I could find and nothing would work. After using the Imperial Feet Athlete Foot Solution and Anti- Fungal Spray for 3 days I noticed a considerable difference. Within 5 to 7 days it was gone! Thank you very much!"

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