A verruca is a common complaint amongst children and adults. A verruca is a small skin lesion which is commonly found on the bottom surface of the foot. The lesion is usually approximately 1cm in diameter but can be larger. Sometimes a single wart may have many small satellite warts surrounding it, this is called a Mosaic Wart.

They appearance is similar to corns but verruca are more superficial in depth. The surface of the verruca is covered with black dots that are actually small blood vessels that feed the verrucae. The color is usually paler then the usual tone of the skin. Verrucaes are usually surrounding by hard skin and will not be well circumscribed.

Patients often complain that a verruca feels like a small stone under the foot. They are usually asymptomatic (not painful) unless they are squeezed from the sides or have direct force applied to them. They are inclined to spread to other areas of the foot and possibly to the hands.

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