Shin Pain

A shin splint or general shin pain is the most common cause of exercise-induced leg pain encountered by athletes of all levels. In the past the term shin splint has been used to describe all forms of pain in the lower leg. A shin splint is a very specific problem. It is essentially an inflammatory reaction involving the deep tissues of the lower leg and may involve tendons & muscles. Specifically the tibialis anterior muscle and tendon. The inflammatory reaction occurs at the point where the deep tissues insert into the inside (medial) or front (anterior) aspect of the leg bone (tibia).

When a patient is suffering from a medial shin splint the pain will be present on the inner aspect of the leg. In an anterior shin splint, pain and tenderness is present on the front and outer aspect of the leg. In both cases, running and walking may be extremely painful. In severe cases, even light weight bearing may be painful. The primary cause of shin pain is over pronation. This can be controlled via insoles.

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